Monday, June 8, 2009

No longer editor; future of this blog...

Effective Monday, June 8, I am no longer editor of the Elk Grove Citizen
I was laid off by Publisher David Herburger in what has turned out to be a continuing series of cutbacks at the Citizen and also Herburger Publications, Inc.
I will be wrapping up loose ends this week, and ceasing all new news work on this blog. I will be maintaining the blog as an archival reference only. The temporary editor to the best of my knowledge is Citizen veteran Cameron Macdonald. Please direct all inquiries about the newspaper to Cameron. His e-mail address is listed on left in Contacts area.
I have had a great time working in Elk Grove and at the Citizen. Along the way I've met some great people, learned a lot of valuable lessons, and covered some awesome stories.
Take care and thanks for being a part of the news.

Jeff Forward
Former Editor, the Citizen, 2003-2009

Monday, April 20, 2009

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Two pets...

A local resident who lost a pet in the April 13 attacks by two American Bulldogs provided these photos to the Citizen. The attacks, which witnesses told the Citizen occurred on Monday, April 13 in the neighborhood around Big Horn and Monterey Oaks, on Cypress View Way, reportedly left two dogs (pictured) and one cat dead.
"Not sure what made them attack but even during the hour in which the 3 separate attacks occurred they were friendly with people but attacked any animal they saw," said one witness. "It was like they just snapped."

The golden dog is "Happy," a pomeranian. "Max" - a cockapoo - is the white/gray shaggy dog.


Rampaging dog issue isn't new....

The Citizen news team has covered many violent incidents involving pit bulls in Elk Grove. Part of our coverage included "this article" from Sept. 3, 2008.

A complete story about the most recent incident - which involved not pit bulls, but American Bulldogs - will appear in Wednesday's issue of the Citizen.
Elk Grove city officials provided an interview with city personnel familiar with the situation Monday morning. The Citizen has been gathering information from families that lost pets in the attacks; but reporters have not been provided with many details on the incident from the Elk Grove Police Department.
Jeff Forward